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Multi-day guided hikes hosted by the amaMpondo people 

Explore South Africa's magnificent Wild Coast for up to 11 days of hiking along a network of trails with the help of the local people who have called this place home for centuries: the amaMpondo. Feel welcomed with open arms as you walk from village to village and stay in your own rondavel where meals are served and comforts are provided. Your local guide will share with you an extensive variety of beautiful sites on the Wild Coast including pristine beaches, magnificent gorges with waterfalls, crystal clear pools and indigenous forests. Embrace the local culture, food and traditions of the amaMpondo along your journey and witness a subsistence way of life steeped in history and preserved for centuries.  With food and accommodation provided you can pack light and immerse yourself in the peace, tranquility and warmth of Mpondoland.



“One of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. Mind blowing scenarios. 

Amazing and fun hike.”

Guillem Sartorio

“It was a life alteringly beautiful experience!”

Robin Theobald

“I wish everyone would have a chance to do this or some version of it. It’s an experience we all deserve.”

Koketso Moeti


What Makes Us Special

Community Support

The Pondo Experience is born out of a community initiative to develop sustainable eco-tourism that empowers people through economic opportunities. 


The communities you are supporting are at the forefront of protecting the Wild Coast.  The land here sustains life but is under threat from destructive developments and extraction. Your support can go a long way.

Unique Adventure

Our journeys are more than just a hike down the coast. Experience the treasures inland, spend time in places, and explore numerous hidden gems with local guides. Leave having made friends that you will return to visit.

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